Owner Johnny & Stephanie Vanderhorst 

Owner Johnny & Stephanie Vanderhorst 

Whispering Hills Lawn Service was started in the late-’90s by one high school student who borrowed his father’s push mower and frequently walked from lawn to lawn. With the help of family members, he passed out homemade fliers door-to-door in his neighborhood.  He often hired his brothers to help knock out the work around a busy high school schedule. Building his service on qualities that he’d been brought up with–honesty, hard work, and respect–Johnny gradually grew the businesswith a high percentage of return customers each year.

Eventually experience, knowledge, and professionalism were added to the equation, and Johnny realized he could make a long term career out of his lawn service.

From those humble roots, over the past twenty years, WHLS has grown into a well-respected company with a growing base of satisfied customers. Maintaining our founding qualities, we still experience our greatest growth from referrals and personal contact with customers.

Low overhead and personal attention to detail combine to let us maintain our high standards of excellence at affordable rates.

Today, teamed with Johnson County’s premier fertilization and grass treatment services, Whispering Hills Lawn Service strives to be the most customer-satisfying lawn service in the area.